About Alexis

Dancer. Instructor. Choreographer. Director. Producer. Alexis Southall is a professional dancer from the UK working internationally, sharing her extensive knowledge of fusion bellydance – a contemporary and experimental approach blending the cultures of the East and West. Alexis has had the privilege to be an invited guest teacher and performer in 21 countries to date, and is known for her precise technique, flawless musicality and her generosity as an instructor.

Since beginning her life in bellydance in 2006 with Karen Price in Wolverhampton, Alexis has studied broadly with some of the most prolific dancers in the field. In recent years, she has focused her studies to train extensively with her most influential teachers: Zoe Jakes, Amy Sigil, and Suhaila Salimpour. In addition to her studies in bellydance, Alexis studies various Street Dance styles and Jazz.

Alexis is an eternal student of dance and movement. She is a qualified Level 3 Mat Pilates instructor, Balletfit instructor, and holds many dance qualifications. She is certified to teach Levels 1-4 of UNMATA’s Improvisational Tribal Style bellydance format, and is certified Level 2 of Zoe Jakes’ DanceCraft and Jamila Salimpour formats, Level 1 in Suhaila Salimpour format, as well as FatChance BellyDance General Skills for ATS, and Ashley Lopez's Integrated Dance programme.

As well as her extensive solo work, Alexis has had the opportunity to work collaboratively with esteemed artists from all over the world. She has been a guest artist for Olivia Kissel’s HYBRID Dance Project, Ambrosia Dance Company, UNMATA and Ashley Lopez, and toured in the production of Bellydance Evolution’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on its European debut. In 2015 Alexis was commissioned to choreograph 'Paradiso' in  Francesca Pedretti’s ‘La Divina Commedia’ in Rome.

Alexis is based in Wolverhampton, UK, where she teaches Fusion Bellydance, West Coast Vintage style and ITS classes. She is choreographer and director of the Juniper Project, Juniper Collective, and Wreck It, and producer of the annual fusion dance festival Infusion Emporium. In 2013 she was a featured instructor on the first UK Tribal Fusion instructional DVD and from 2013-16 was a co-producer of Gothla UK festival. In 2015 she launched the Tribal Fusion Education Programme (TFEP), a comprehensive training programme for dancers looking to up their skills in Tribal Fusion bellydance, to rave reviews. Outside of dance, Alexis loves to travel, dabbles in organisational psychology research, and is an avid orchid collector.


 "An amazingly hard working and passionate individual, Alexis Southall is a performer and teacher you will not want to miss out on. Her creativity, dimension and sense of fun absolutely oozes out on stage. Also - buy her's stunning". - Jesse Stanbridge, FatChanceBellyDance, San Francisco, USA.




Work Experience:

Teaching Pilates since 2015
Teaching UNMATA ITS since 2013
Teaching Tribal Fusion since 2011

Workshop Sponsor since 2011 (see below for references)

Producer of Infusion Emporium Festival and events since 2011 (hosting: Rachel Brice, Kami Liddle, Amy Sigil, Aziza, Heather Stants, Elizabeth Strong, Colleena Shakti, Anasma, Samantha Emanuel, Ashley Lopez, Olivia Kissel,  Illan Riviere, Piny Orchidaceae, Leo Orchidaceae, Olga Meos, Deb Rubin, Kari Unmata, Eliana Hofmann, Vesna Zorman, Giuliana Angelini, Yahna, Manca Pavli, Heather Labonte, Inga Petermann, Lamia Barbara, Mat Jacob, Kendra Katz, Hilde Cannoodt)
Sponsor of Ashley Lopez's Integrated Dance Training Programme in Europe (2017-18)

Member of Gothla UK Festival Organising Committee (2013-2016)

Performing internationally since 2006
Stage Manager for Gothla UK (2013-2016), Zoe Jakes' House of Tarot (2014)

Member of DX Performance Group (2015-2016)

Member of Ambrosia Dance Company (2012)
Performer in Jillina's Bellydance Evolution's 'Alice in Wonderland' European Tour (2014)
Commissioned choreographer for La Divina Commedia in Rome (2015)

Director & Choreographer for The Juniper Project and Juniper Collective (2013-Present)


Workshop Sponsors (Please contact sponsors below if you require references)

Rebecca Bowles, UK (2018)

Jahanara Nemer, UK (2018)

NADA, UK (2018)
Taryn Rutter, UK (2017)
Laura Monteith, UK (2017)

Penny Bellydanser, UK (2017)

Bellydance Factory, Switzerland (2016, 2017)

Elise Morris - JamBallah NW, USA (2016)

Francesca Najma H. Fassio, Italy (2016)

Ayana, Germany (2016)

Latifah Abdel - Rockin' Away The Cold, Germany (2016, 2018)

Afra Al Kahira - Celebrating Dance, UK (2016)
Claire Cookson, UK (2016, 2017)

Beata & Horacio Cifuentes - Tribal Bash, Germany (2015)

Laura Luna - Tribal Summer Camp, Finland (2015)

Isabel de Lorenzo & Francesca Pedretti - La Divina Commedia, Italy (2015)

Tribal Me - Summer Tribal, France (2015)

Raheesha - Majma Festival, UK (2015)

Gothla UK, Leicester, UK (2015)

Mares Tribal Fusion, Malta and Tarracofusion, Spain (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

Nia Lacey - Tribal Elations, UK (2015, 2016)

Kajira Djoumanha - Tribal Fest, USA (2014)
Tribalona - Tribal Art Festival, Spain (2014)
Martina Viewegova & Katka Havelkova - Tribal Prague, Czech Republic (2014, 2018)

Silvia Vasconcelos - TribaLX, Portugal (2014)
Jaana Hansman - Infusion Tallinn, Estonia (2012, 2014)

Eliana Hofmann & Gudrun Herold - Tribal Passion, Germany (2014)
Enussah - Tribal Convention, Germany (2014)

Lotte Liese - TribaLeuven, Belgium (2014)
Swiss Bellydance Club - Swiss Bellydance Competition, Switzerland (2014)

Nakari Dance Company - Caravanseray Vienna, Austria (2013, 2014, 2015)

Isabel De Lorenzo - Roma Tribal Meeting, Italy (2014)

Amy Sigil, USA (2014)

Eliana Hofmann, Germany (2014)

Jasmin Victoria, Ireland (2014, 2015)

Scarlet Lux - Molotov Caravan, Canada (2013)

Mateja Mikulan - Nawar Festival, Slovenia (2013)

Djeynee Bodson - Tribal Umrah Festival, France (2013)

Dud Muurmand - Dark CPH, Denmark (2013)
Asmahan - Hannover Tribal Festival, Germany (2013)

Bellydancers of the Multiverse, Germany (2013)
Yasmina - Ireland Tribal Dance Festival, Ireland (2013)

Jewel of Yorkshire, Saltaire, UK (2013, 2015)

The Tribal Gathering, York, UK (2013)

Kathryn Whittington, Reading, UK (2013)

Bridie Przibram, Wrexham, UK (2013)

Maria Booker, Milton Keynes, UK (2013)

Demelza Hillier, Cambridge, UK (2013)

Maureen Pemberton, Stourbridge, UK (2013)

Kath Hough, Hereford, UK (2013)

France de la Cour, Kent, UK (2013)

Karisma - Bratislava Tribal Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia (2012)

Gudrun Herold - Tribal Summer Camp, Offenburg, Germany (2012)

Fantasia Festival, London, UK (2012)

Hilde Cannoodt, Tribal Remix, Brighton, UK (2012, 2018)

Carpe Somnium, Wolverhampton, UK (2012)

Barefoot Festival, Leicester, UK (2012)

BAMBA, Birmingham, UK (2012)

Dawn O'Brien, Walsall, UK (2012)




Level 3 Mat Based Pilates Instructor

Level 2 Gym Instruction

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology
Level 1 Balletfit Instructor

Sports Nutritionist

UNMATA Hot Pot ITS Levels 1-4 Certified Teacher

Zoe Jakes' DanceCraft Level 2 certified

Jamila Salimpour Level 2 certified

Suhaila Salimpour Level 1 certified

Integrated Dance Teacher Training Part 1

FCBD General Skills for ATS certified

Ongoing training in Tribal Fusion and Oriental bellydance

Street, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern Jazz and Modern dance training
Strive - An Arts Council funded training programme for working with vulnerable groups through dance (2014)

GCSE Dance (2002)



Collaborative Projects/Guest Performances

* 'Driving A Car While Listening To Bill Burr's Podcast' - duet choreographed by Ashley Lopez. Performed in Birmingham, UK (October 2017)

* Project ITS. Performed in Fribourg, Switzerland (June 2017).
* 'Puppeteer' - guest performance with Unmata, choreographed by Amy Sigil. Performed in Wolverhampton, UK (November 2016).
* 'Roll the Bass' - duet with Inga Petermann. Performed in Wolverhampton, UK (November 2016).
* 'Siren Song' - duet with Ayana, choreographed by Alexis. Performed in Sulz, Germany (October 2016).
* 'Tap, Clap, Ring' - group performance choreographed by Leo Orchidaceae. Performed in Lisbon, Portugal (September 2016).
* Guest performance in Zoe Jakes' 'So You Want To Be A Bellydancer'. Performed in San Francisco, USA (August 2016).
* 'Left Alone' - duet with Leo Orchidaceae. Performed in Wolverhampton, UK (November 2015), and Stockholm, Sweden (April 2016).
* Veronika's Dream' - trio choreographed by Ashley Lopez. Performed in Tallinn, Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden (April 2016).
* 'Rock Anthem' - trio choreographed by Alexis. Performed in Sebastopol, USA (May 2014), Offenbach, Germany (October 2014), Wolverhampton, UK (October 2014), Karlsruhe, Germany (January 2016).
* 'Unspoken' - trio choreographed by Alexis. Performed in Vienna, Austria (August 2015).
* 'Sallam Alay' - duet with Afsana, choreographed by Suhaila Salimpour. Performed in Vienna, Austria (August 2015).
* 'Summertime/Boingo' - trio with Ashley Lopez & Zoe Jakes, choreographed by Ashley Lopez. Performed in Chicago, USA (June 2015).
* 'Revolution' - guest ITS performance with Unmata. Performed in Chicago, USA (June 2015).
* 'Distractions' - group performance choreographed by Kami Liddle. Performed in San Francisco, USA (January 2015).
* 'Spiderbite' - group performance for Anansi, choreographed by Hilde Cannoodt. Performed in Leuven, Belgium (December 2014).

* 'Lost My Shoes' - group performance with Anansi. Performed in Brighton, UK (May 2014) and Leuven, Belgium (December 2014).
* 'Khawatem' - duet with Afsana. Performed in Prague, Czech Republic (March 2014 & August 2014)
* 'The Body' - Tribal Art Teachers' group performance with Anasma, Kami Liddle, Samantha Emanuel, Piny Orchidaceae, Tjarda Van Straten, Idhun and Manca Pavli. Performed in Barcelona, Spain (April 2014).
* 'Siren Song' - duet with Dawn O'Brien, choreographed by Alexis. Performed in Wolverhampton, UK (March 2013), Leicester, UK (July 2013), Birmingham, UK (August 2013), Saltaire, UK (October 2013), London, UK (December 2013).
* 'Retrying' - duet with Heather Labonte, choreographed by Alexis. Performed in Wolverhampton, UK (November 2013).
* 'Dance Without You' - duet with Tjarda Van Straten. Performed in Wolverhampton, UK (November 2013).
* 'Fish Fish Fish' - group choreography with Nakari DC, Tjarda Van Straten & Martina Crowe-Hewett. Performed in Vienna, Austria (July 2013).
* 'Chalouppe' - trio choreographed by Martina Crowe-Hewett. Performed in Vienna, Austria (July 2013).
* 'I Follow Rivers' - duet with Martina Crowe-Hewett. Performed in Offenburg, Germany (June 2012), Budapest, Hungary (September 2012), Wolverhampton, UK (October 2012), Vancouver, Canada (May 2013), and Sebastopol, USA (May 2013).
* Group piece choreographed by Sally Myrfield. Performed in Vancouver, Canada and Sebastopol, USA (May 2013).
* 'Discordia's Apple' - group project show with Dud Muurmand. Performed in Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2013).
* 'Ants Are Small' - duet with Yahna. Performed in Las Vegas, USA (February 2012), Tallinn, Estonia (April 2012), and Rome, Italy (May 2012).
* 'Tango' - guest performance with HYBRID Dance Project. Choreographed by Olivia Kissel. Performed in Utrecht, The Netherlands (November 2011)



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